Sharks Black Ops II 1.14 RTM Tool

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    rtm tool

Sharks Black Ops II 1.14 RTM Tool v1.3.1.0

After 1.14 I decided to make this tool seeing as people have been dieing for 1.14 Tools, remember this tool is in BETA so a few things still need to be worked, clients tab is nearly done but everything else is working good except ufo and send
server command due to BO2RPC Being outdated, hopefully choco updates soon! More Updates To Come

Comes With Auto Update


Virus Scan:


+ BETA Release.

+ Public Release.

+ Added All Client God Mode, VSAT, All Perks, Night Vision, Kick Clients and Invisible
+ Added New Teleport Option Sky With Fun Message
+ Added Auto Update
+ Change log will show when updates are available
! Fixed Get Clients
! Fixed All Perks
! Fixed Force Host
* Made Button Font Bigger On Main Tab


+ Added New Teleport All Option (Needs Work)
+ Added Stop Buttons On All Client Name and Clan Change
! Fixed Tacticals, Tacticals+, Tacticals++, Lethals And League Menu Bar On Host Page
! Fixed Force Host (Again)
! Fixed Unlock All
* Removed Tacticals You Can Get Without Hacks From Tactical Menu Bar
* Added Warning Message On Combat Knife And Knife Tactical


+ Added all clients third person
! Fixed The Auto Update
* Changed to a clean unlock all (Thanks to xSonkey)


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