PS3 Rebug to PS3ita Full Tutorial+ More

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    ps3 rebug
Today, I will help you guys to get on ITA from rebug firmware DEX.
The reason many of you guys want to go on ITA is to mod Black Ops II Zombies without Insta Ban.
Its true if you use debug .self on ITA you wont get banned playing/modding Zombies on Black Ops II
and you can also mod Black Ops 2 Multiplayer without needing to switch Eboots/Self. Also
I've notices that ITA don't freeze as much as Rebug, and ITA is a full DEX CFW.

NOTE: You must be on Rebug CEX2DEX for this to work.

Things you'll need

- PS3 Rebug Dex
- 3.55 DEX Downgrader
- 4.21 ITA v2.2
- PS3ITA Manager 1.40

Step 1: Make sure you are on Rebug DEX. Open Rebug Tool Box and Check your System Information.
Step 2: Download 3.55 DEX Downgrader. ( You don't need to switch to CEX)
Step 3: Create a folder on your USB PS3>UPDATE>PS3UPDAT.PUP < Place 3.55 DEX Downgrader
Step 4: After you are on 3.55 DEX, Download 4.21 ITA v2.2
Step 5: Do the same thing and install 4.21 ITA v2.2
Step 5: Viola! you are on ITA.

Go Online on ITA

Step 1: Download and Install PS3ITA Manager 1.40
Step 2: Open PS3ITA Manager 1.40 and press x, then press x on NO.
Step 3: Press Start Button and go to Network Tools.
Step 4: Press on Set new ID, you must type manually
Step 5: Quit PS3ITA Manager
Step 6: Now you can go and Sign In

NOTE: You only need to type the ID once and when you reboot your system open PS3ITA Manger then
quit to apply the CID.

Prevent Ban on ITA (Private ID's Only)

Step 1: Download PSN Tool v1.00
Step 2: Install PSN Tool v1.00
Step 3: Open PS3ITA Manager 1.40
Step 4: Press Start Button, go to Tools and Delete Game
Step 5: Now open PSN Tool v1.00 and press L1 and L2
Step 6: Press traingle to Quit, and you can now sign in.

Note: You must apply your ID before using PSN Tool v1.oo just open PS3ITA Manager 1.40
and Quit to apply the ID if you have already typed it in.

Mod Bo2 Zombies without Ban

Step 1: Download debug t6mp_ps3f.self for Black Ops II (only works on ITA)
Step 2: Open Multiman and go to File Manager
Step 3: Go to hdd0>game>Blusxxxxx>USIRD and delete the original t6mp_ps3f.self
Step 4: Place in or copy the debug t6mp_ps3f.self
Step 5: Thats it, with this you can Zombies without ban

NOTE: If you get black screen, or a message saying Game Request Quit, you need to delete
Black Ops II patch and Install it again (download PKG and place it in USB) then just place
debug self in the patch. You don't need dubug Eboot for multiplayer, you can RTE multiplayer
and Zombies with t6mp_ps3f.self

Follow this tutorial carefully and you wont face any problem, I promise ;)

To get back on Rebug from ITA

Step 1: Download 4.30.2 D-REX Rebug
Step 2: Install it over ITA (4.21 ITA)

Download Links

- 3.55 DEX Downgrader!DFEnURTT!GSvA1R-s-cSUBr55ie6Z-loRNo4Y8gQosphTm83Syfk
- 4.21 ITA v2.2!WdFjXLzb!PVAlrVZxhU-iLqhI-6JoqXYUxEcPg-Vv7eVDi7rsjfU
- PS3ITA Manager 1.40
- PSN Tool v1.00
- Blus/Bles/Debug .self for Black Ops II 1.13

- network - for links to BO2 Patch 1.13 and dubug self

Thanks and Enjoy modding Black Ops II Zombies Enjoy


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